Dia de los Muertos

Danza Quetzalcoatl de Olympia is an Aztec dance troupe based in Olympia, Washington.  Their energetic, colorful performances and loud beats impress audiences at events throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Danza Quetzalcoatl is an interesting and diverse troupe that includes a diverse range of people, concepts and modern ideas of honoring their ancient traditions. The have traveled from Seattle to Vancouver, WA to perform, in addition to numerous performances in their community.

Aztec dance is a culmination of five hundred years of cultural celebration within the valleys and forest of central Mexico. It is modern and futuristic. It is as old as the ancient alpine forests and as current as the urban jungles of Mexico City.  The dances have a variety of meanings, but all express respect for nature and her elements: earth, water, fire and wind. They connect each dancer to their inner selves and celebrate Nature and respect for all life. The Danza Quetzalcoatl interpretation of the various styles of Aztec dances adds a new dimension to each performance.

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